Check out our awesome video!!!

ZOMG! Our big fancy marketing video is done! Check it out:

(you watched it in HD on fullscreen, right? If not, you need to watch it again...)

I really think it turned out great - what do you think? Drop a comment to let us know!  If you think it's good, please please PLEASE share it with all of your friends. Post it on your blog. Tweet it, +1 it, print out each frame and send it to your grandma.

This video will be popping up in various places around the site - we're hoping it serves to "show" people what Fifth Ape is rather than trying to "tell" them.

A HUGE thanks to our video production team over at Cirque. They were an absolute blast to work with, from beginning to end.  If you need any video production services, I strongly suggest you check them out.  If they can make me sound concise, you know they're up for any challenge :)

This is super exciting - Please take a moment to let us know what you think?